Hi everyone. Thanks for visiting my site. Please keep checking in for new artist links, new submission calls, photos, and much more. For now, check out the left justified links if you want to learn more about me and my work. If not, come back in a week and check out what some amazing artists from around the world are creating and talking about

A quick update on location:

I recently crashed down to Boulder for two months to finish an MFA with Naropa, contract four new chapbooks with Monkey Puzzle Press (Minjung Oh, Ella Longpre, Jack Collom and Barbara Henning), and to carry out several overdue conversations.  Next stop is NYC. We will be there soon and if all goes as planned, my partner Momo and I will land, not sleep for four days, see two+ readings, drink martinis at The Greenwich Hotel, conduct Monkey Business and make it upstate before our minds and livers rot to the Green Goblins lair on 8th avenue. (Watched Spider Man 3D last night.) Stay tuned!