Monkey Puzzle Press


Different Voices for a Different Species

Who We Are

In a jungle of voices, we’re the ones screaming from the trees. We’re here to amplify your voice, and in turn, amplify ours. We’re here to make you think. Save your soul. When that story is screaming inside your head, we want to read it. And so does the rest of the jungle.

  • We Came, We Saw, We Wrote. . . . When all else fails, what will be left? It’s our words, our stories, our music, our art that will be the final testament to our existence here. Read your history. Read our books.
  • What We Publish – We publish novels, poetry collections, short story collections, hybrid works, fiction and nonfiction, by both emerging and established writers. We also publish a semi-annual literary arts journal. We look for daring writing that exhibits intelligence and creativity, socio-political-cultural awareness, humor, and an attention to language.
  • Our Mantra – “I think a real writer simply has to think in other terms. Not, ‘Will I get in this magazine? Will I get this NEA next year?’ but whether or not this work is something he would do if a gun were held to his head and somebody was going to pull the trigger as soon as the last word of the last paragraph of the last page was finished. Now if you can write out of the sense that you’re going to die as soon as the work is done, then you will write with urgency, honesty, courage, and without flinching at all, as if this were the last testament in language, the last utterance you could ever make to anybody. If a work is written like that, then I want to read it. If somebody’s writing out of that sense, then I’ll say, ‘This is serious. This person is not fooling around. This work is not a means to some other end, the work is not just intended for some silly superficial goal, this work is the writer saying something because he or she feels that if it isn’t said, it will never be said.’ Those are the writers I want to read.”- Charles Johnson

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