Recent Publications

Thanks for stopping by! Here is a list of recent publications found online. I encourage you to check them out and if your writing appears similar in any way, don’t think twice, SUBMIT.

Architect – Elimae Press

Examiner – Foothill-a Journal of Poetry

* *audio**

Story of Blue – Play Berlin Audio

Story of Red – Tidal Basin Review (pg. 73)

Book Review – Somwhere Over the Pachyderm Rainbow Blaze Vox [Books]

Story of the Bible – Ninneros PoetryZINE 

The Article an essay – Gambling the Aisle – Issue One

Wri(gh)te [ing] Punctuation: Reading Leslie Scalapino – EOAGH

Light Switch – Midway Journal

[                     ]:   Moth – Permafrost Magazine


Forth Coming Publications

Bread Crumb Scabs   a poetry magazine

Crescendo City